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Feb, 2020

Park Correctly

In order for us to have places to play, our league has to rely on the willingness of the organizations that own the land we play on let us build and improve facilities.  The NUMBER ONE complaint we get from our partner organizations and our neighbors is our families parking their cars in places that impede traffic and safety.  We have agreements in place with all of these organizations on where we are allowed to park.  We must follow these agreements or we won't have a place to play.

Below are satellite photos from Opening Day 2016 showing families parking where it is not allowed when there is plenty of proper parking spots open.

Cloverdale Church of God

We are not allowed to park on Bott Lane (red) or in the turn-in for the parking lot (orange).  Cars parked here create a situation where we have preschool and elementary children crossing a road and drivers on Bott Lane cannot see approaching children.

The Church has asked that we not park in the front parking area (yellow) so that their members have a place to park for Church activities.

We are allowed to park in the lot south of the Church, along with the gravel lot and marked spots behind the church.  Behind the Church is actually a shorter walk than parking in front.

Lake Hazel Middle School

We are not allowed to park on Giants Drive (red) or any other nearby subdivision (orange).  We have agreements with the school to not park in these neighboring subdivisions.

We are not allowed to park along Valley Road.  On the image at left, you can see that parked cars along Valley have turned a busy road into a congested, narrow one-way street for over 500 feet.

We are allowed to park in the School parking ONLY (green).

Cathedral of the Rockies

We are not allowed to park on Tillamook Street (red).  We are allowed to park in the lot south of the Church (green).

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